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Care and tips

How do I care for my shoes correctly?

Correct cleaning and drying

Dirty shoes should be simply washed off using water and a brush. Do not attempt “fast drying” by placing shoes next to an open fire or stove or on the heating. This will change the shape of the shoe. Remove the inlay and stuff the shoes with newspaper, or use a shoe tree. Afterwards, allow the shoes to dry slowly in a well ventilated spot. We recommend that inlay should be regularly washed at a temperature of 30°. The inlay should be removed following each period of wear in order to accelerate the drying process.                                 

Caring for your shoes using waterproofing sprays and shoe cream

When caring for all types of leather, you should only use conventional non-greasy shoe creams and impregnation agents or products that have been recommended by HAIX. Do not use dubbing or oil. Textile upper materials are best treated by using a waterproof spray. However, such impregnation agents will tend to dry out leather if used alone. Leather can become cracked and hard if shoe cream is not used. Applying cream to the creased part of the tongue will also help to remove the squeaky sounds that may occur with hydrophobised leather. This will also provide metal parts (rings, hooks etc.) with additional protection against oxidisation.

HAIX shoes featuring the Sun Reflect System

Sun Reflect reduces the heating effect on the upper leather caused by the sun’s rays. Sunlight is reflected, thus keeping leather and feet cooler. In order to achieve the best effect, we recommend using a colourless care agent or the care product specially developed by HAIX for use with the SUN REFLECT System.

The right socks

Functional socks – the perfect accompaniment

Using functional socks enables comfort of wear to be significantly enhanced. Such socks quickly transport any moisture generated by the foot whilst moving along to the lining material. When you are trying on your shoes, do so whilst wearing the socks you will use later.

Special indications for your functional footwear

Information regarding the relevant standard for each model is contained on a printed label at the shaft of the shoe. Make sure that your shoes are a good fit and be careful with elements that are subject to wear and tear. If you are in any doubt, ask your specialist retailer. Take note of care instructions, and check your shoes for visible signs of damage prior to every period of wear. Store your shoes in a dry place, in the original box if possible. Of course, no date of expiry can be stated in respect of our products. This mainly depends on the degree of wear and tear and the use to which the footwear is put. Your shoes are labelled with the following information: manufacturer (HAIX®), applicable standard, category, size, month and year of production, type designation of the manufacturer.

Should I apply an impregnating agent to my shoes at the outset?

All of our footwear has been pre-treated prior to supply. You should make an individual decision depending on the prevailing weather conditions as to whether you treat your shoes once more prior to initial wear.

How do I care for nubuck leather shoes?

Treat shoes using the HAIX impregnation spray, which contains the relevant care substances. Apply the spray generously from a distance of 30 centimetres so as to enable the leather to absorb these substances. The shoes must then be left to dry naturally (not on the heating). If necessary, nubuck leather can be re-roughed using a brush (prior to and after use).

When using safety footwear such as forestry boots on rough terrain, be sure to treat with a non-greasy shoe cream beforehand. The cream will provide the leather with more intensive care than an impregnating spray. Constant application of shoe cream will turn the surface of the leather from rough to smooth. This may lead to colour changes in some cases.

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