HAIX Airpower X10

CE EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 CI WR SRB
Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
13,5 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Protective cap: yes
certified for orthopedic insoles: no
Safety classification: S3
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 2,0 - 2,2
Fastener: Classic lacing
The Airpower X10 by HAIX is a comfortable, light, stable and weatherproof safety boot which is... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower X10"

The Airpower X10 by HAIX is a comfortable, light, stable and weatherproof safety boot which is ideal for tradesmen and industrial workers alike, regardless of whether you are working indoors or outside. It is both completely waterproof and highly breathable, meaning that your feet will not sweat and will remain feeling fresh all day long.

The Airpower X10 plays an important role in health and safety at work by fulfilling the requirements of Safety Class S3. A metal-free puncture protection element is integrated into the outsole. At the same time, a padded and wide toe cap will help prevent injury from falling heavy objects.

Climate comfort throughout the year

Painters, mechanics, carpenters, heating engineers and gardeners all need specialist footwear throughout the year for both indoor and outdoor work. They need a boot which will protect their feet from moisture, such as the ankle-high HAIX Airpower X10.

A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane guarantees that no water can penetrate. This material is, however, also extremely breathable and allows dampness to evaporate and be expelled. This means that you feet will remain pleasantly dry throughout the year. The HAIX Climate System also assists with this process by making use of the pumping movements generated as you walk along to transport sweat to openings located at the shaft and tongue.

Special pigments in the upper leather reflect the sun’s strong rays. This means that less heat is transported to the feet and prevents overheating. A fast-drying anatomically formed inlay and an abrasion-resistant fleece insole also absorb moisture. The sole provides outstanding insulation against the cold in winter to make sure that your feet will not freeze. This outstanding climate comfort makes the Airpower X10 your ideal companion all year.

Simply pull on your boots and feel good all day

Professionals need to wear their safety boots for many hours. The Airpower X10 will leave your feet feeling comfortable throughout the entire day. It offers plenty of room for the balls of the feet and the toes. This avoids any possibility of pressure points or blisters.

The heel and ankle areas of the boot offer a narrower fit to help stabilise your joints. The HAIX Airpower X10 provides a secure and firm foothold whilst also promoting correct toe-to-heel movement to avoid any malpositions.

An impact-absorbing wedge in light PU foam delivers a particular degree of comfort. Integrated into the sole, it will also cushion your steps as you move along. The created effect reduces pressure on the spine and joints.

Upper material

  • The HAIX Airpower X10 is manufactured in high quality cowhide, a material which is both waterproof and highly breathable.

  • Special pigments in the upper leather prevent overheating in strong sunlight by ensuring that less warmth is transported to the feet in summer.

  • An additional TPU cap at the tip of the boot helps to prevent wear and tear to the leather and gives robustness.

  • Smooth running laces mean that putting on and taking off the Airpower X10 is extremely straightforward.

Lining, inlays, footbed

  • A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane makes the HAIX Airpower X10 both watertight and highly breathable. No water can penetrate, whilst at the same time moisture evaporates and is expelled.

  • A fast-drying fleece insole and an inlay combine to absorb sweat.

  • These may be removed at regular intervals and washed if required.

  • The Airpower X10 features a padded toe cap to prevent any possible injury to the feet from falling objects.

  • The heel area is narrowly formed. This ensures a perfect fit and adds stability.


  • The metal-free sole of the Airpower X10 has a particularly light and flexible puncture-resistant inlay. This stops you from being hurt by sharp or pointed objects that may be lurking underfoot.

  • A deep and robust tread makes the boot slip resistant and guarantees a firm grip, even on slippery and wet ground.

  • The sole also insulates against the cold to keep your feet warm in winter as well as being resistant to oil and petrol.

  • An internal impact-absorbing PU wedge cushions your steps as you walk and decreases pressure on the joints and spine.

  • The black rubber used in the manufacture of the sole is colour fast and will not leave any dark marks on light surfaces.

The Airpower X10 by HAIX is a safety boot which provides the highest degree of protection all year round, both indoors and outside. It adjusts to the natural shape of your feet to give outstanding comfort of wear. Discover the benefits of this modern Safety Class S3 footwear for yourself!

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