HAIX Airpower X11 mid

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CE EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 CI WR SRB
Puncture protection:
Upper material:
Height in cm:
13,5 cm
Electrically dissipative:
Waterproof: waterproof through Gore-Tex
Protective cap: yes
certified for orthopedic insoles: no
Safety classification: S3
Cut protection class: no cut protection
Leather thickness: 2,0 - 2,2
Fastener: Classic lacing
Weight: 788 Gram
The Airpower X11 Mid by HAIX is a comfortable and stable safety boot which has been designed... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower X11 mid"

The Airpower X11 Mid by HAIX is a comfortable and stable safety boot which has been designed with tradesmen and industrial workers in mind. It offers carpenters, mechanics and gardeners alike all the protection they need against the wet the heat and the cold as well as being resistant against petrol and oil.

A high degree of comfort of wear and a firm foothold

The Airpower X11 Mid is an ankle-high boot which moulds to your feet perfectly. The shaft of the boot fits snugly around the heel and ankle to give a secure grip, even across uneven ground. A light and highly robust rubber sole guarantees very comfortable toe-to-heel movement. This means that you will still be feeling great after many hours of wear and will not rapidly become tired.

Protection against the rain and cold

High quality GORE-TEX® laminate ensures that no water or other liquids are able to penetrate the Airpower X11 Mid. However, the membrane and the leather used in the manufacture of the boot are highly breathable and allow sweat to escape. Your feet will remain dry, even after hours of working in the rain. The boot features an extremely durable TPU outsole which is highly slip resistant. You will have a secure grip at all times, including on surfaces smeared in oil or on muddy ground.

Upper material

  • The upper of the Airpower X11 Mid is manufactured in high quality bull leather. This is a material which provides a superb fibre structure and is also highly durable by dint of the fact that it contains very few inclusions that could cause leather fatigue. The leather itself is two millimetres thick and totally waterproof. It will, however, still permit your feet to “breathe”.
  • The number of seams used in the more vulnerable external, internal and side areas of the boot has been minimised in order to ensure an extra-long product life.
  • An additional protective cap at the toe protects against wear and tear, whist the “Sun Reflect” effect ensure that the Airpower X11 Mid will not unnecessary heat up in the sun, despite being made of black leather. All of this means that your feet will stay cool.

Lining, inlays, toe cap

  • A robust and highly abrasion-resistant lining featuring an inner layer of fleece ensures that you will feel comfortable in your work boots all the year round.
  • Four layers of GORE-TEX® will keep your feet dry.
  • The HAIX Climate System makes use of the pumping movements generated as you walk to transport moisture to openings located at the shaft and tongue. This means that you will enjoy maximum climate comfort, even during the most strenuous of activities.
  • The fleece insole also helps to absorb and expel sweat.
  • The Airpower X11 Mid boasts a flexible and puncture-resistant additional sole inlay. Any sharp articles underfoot such as nails will not be able to penetrate.
  • The boot’s inlay soles, which are fast drying and anatomically formed, can be removed and washed if required.
  • The footbed of the Airpower X11 Mid supports the natural curvature of the metatarsus to. prevent any malpositions.
  • The heel and ankle area of the boot is narrow, whereas the toes and balls of the feet have been afforded a generous amount of space. These characteristics enhance comfort of wear and give a secure grip.


  • The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole of the HAIX Airpower X11 Mid is particularly robust, abrasion resistant and elastic. The ease of toe-to-heel movement this provides means that your boots will remain comfortable for many hours.
  • The sole’s deep tread gives a secure foothold on different surface,whilst a PU impact-absorbing wedge integrated into the heel ensures outstanding flexibility of movement and reduces pressure on the ankles.
  • The sole provides outstanding insulation against the heat and coldas well as being resistant to oil and petrol and colour fast.

The Airpower X11 Mid fulfils all the requirements of Safety Class S3. It is watertight and antistatic, has a puncture-resistant sole with a deep tread and provides broad protective toe cap. Try out these extremely comfortable boots now!

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