Fire Eagle

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The new enhanced HAIX Fire Eagle is a slimmer and lighter version of the previous model. Weighing only about 1,000 grammes, it sets the standards for a new generation of fire fighter safety boots. The new HAIX Fire Eagle was first presented at the specialist “Interschutz” fair in 2015 and has been perfectly adapted to meet the needs of its target clientele. As well as being especially light, this is a boot which also offers plenty of comfort and robustness. Its black and yellow design, which extends from the toe cap to the sole area, lends it the appearance of a modern sports shoe. Nevertheless, it also fulfils the very highest safety standards. The HAIX Fire Eagle is particularly heat resistant and can even withstand temperatures of more than 250 degrees without suffering any damage. A toe cap manufactured in an ultra-light and robust glass fibre composite prevents any falling objects from harming your feet. The sole of the boot is also completely slip resistant thanks to the use of a special technology. Freedom of movement and comfort When fire fighters are on the job, every second counts. They need to be able to put on their safety boots quickly and must be capable of rapid and flexible movement once they have done so. The HAIX Fire Eagle is a functional boot which can cope with extreme temperatures and afford you the protection you require in any weather conditions. It is simply the best option for professionals facing such challenges. A two-zone lacing system permits you to put your boots on in under ten seconds. The width of the boot is initially individually set by each wearer to ensure a perfect fit around the calf and the foot. The shaft area has been manufactured in such a way so as to deliver maximum movement, even when kneeling or crouching. High degree of climate comfort Your feet will not sweat inside the HAIX Fire Eagle, even on long working days. Both the leather and interior lining of the boot are particularly breathable. This means that moisture is able to evaporate and be expelled. At the same time, the boot makes use of the movement the wearer generates to transport moisture from the interior to ventilation slits at the shaft and tongue. Inlays also absorb sweat to leave you feeling fresh and comfortable, even after many hours of wear. Upper material The HAIX Fire Eagle is a sporty and slim professional boot which is made of high quality bull leather. It is designed in black with signal yellow highlights in the instep and upper area and along the sides to make you more easily visible in the dark. The highly breathable leather used in the manufacture of the HAIX Fire Eagle has been hydrophobised. This means that it prevents penetration of any moisture from outside whilst still allowing sweat to evaporate and be expelled. HAIX’s patented Sun Reflect System avoids any overheating and reduces the amount of warmth transferred to your feet. Signal yellow contour ripples in the toe area make the upper material more abrasion resistant. A two-zone lacing system permits you to put your boots on in under ten seconds. The shaft also contains an area for you to write down your name. Lining, inlays, toe cap A high-tech CROSSTECH ®  membrane protects your feet against the wet while also offering protection against blood and other body fluids. This keeps you safe against any potential viruses or bacteria. At the same time, the membrane is highly breathable. In addition, the HAIX Climate System guarantees that your feet will remain completely comfortable. It uses the natural pumping motion generated as you walk along to transport internal sweat to ventilation slits at the shaft and tongue ready to be expelled. The footbed reduces strain on the back and joints by cushioning your steps as you go. Special protectors have been integrated in the area of the shin and instep. The HAIX Fire Eagle also features an anatomically formed protective toe cap manufactured in an ultra-light compound material. Three different inlay soles for the footbed enable you to adjust the width of the shoe to suit your own individual needs. These inlays are interchangeable and may also be washed if required. The HAIX Fire Eagle is shipped with the red inlay (medium) as standard. Additional Vario Fit insoles can be ordered in narrow or wide. Sole The dual-colour rubber sole of the HAIX Fire Eagle is flexible and completely slip resistant thanks to a newly developed two-component tread. Special fins used in conjunction with additional grip elements provide outstanding stability, even on wet ground and on ice. The sole is puncture-resistant against sharp articles. The boot is also slightly chamfered in the toe cap and heel area, this promotes good toe-to-heel movement and helps prevent tired legs. The sole provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold and can be worn all year round. It also features the signal yellow colour used elsewhere. This creates a better view of the person ahead, particularly important during operations in which you are forced to proceed on your knees. Contact can thus be maintained even in poor light and smoky conditions. The two-colour HAIX Fire Eagle is an innovative fire fighting boot that also fulfils the very highest safety standards. It is absolutely watertight and well as being heat and slip resistant and extremely robust. It also offers a high degree of comfort and good freedom of movement. Try out the HAIX Fire Eagle for yourself, and see what everyone was talking about at the “Interschutz 2015”. 

Fire Eagle


Set new standards in operations. Your FIRE EAGLE: sporty & lighter than ever before.

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The standard for your safety: EN 15090

* Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.


* Prices incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs.

Art.: 507501
  • The standard for your safety: EN 15090 The standard for your safety: EN 15090
  • Maximum protection against liquids Maximum protection against liquids
  • Safety protectors Safety protectors
  • Breathable Breathable
  • Resolable Resolable
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe

Highest safety for heroes

Your FIRE EAGLE with HAIX 3Z Protector System protects you from injuries during use.

The standard for your deployment

What is your field of activity? Do you work in technical assistance, fire-fighting, or maybe even with hazardous substances? The DIN EN 15090:2012 standard describes the shoes you need.

All-round protection thanks to Three Zone Protector System

Your foot is protected all around. Three safety protectors in your Fire Eagle protect you from injuries in the shin, instep and ankle area. This is ensured by the Three Zone Protector System.

Puncture-resistant thanks to protective sole (steel)

With your Fire Eagle you can walk safely over hill and dale, because the integrated steel sole offers even safer protection against sharp objects than textile soles.

Robust and safe thanks to outer leather

The extreme robustness of the Fire Eagle ensure your feet remain unscathed in the rough-and-tumble of everyday work. This is ensured by the resistant outer leather that cannot be damaged by pointed objects or sharp edges.

Perfect comfort for all operations

At less than 1,000 grams per shoe, your FIRE EAGLE is an absolute lightweight for maximum comfort.

Maximum protection from liquids

You want to get safely through any situation – no matter what happens. The CROSSTECH® membrane from Gore® in your Fire Eagle is not only waterproof and breathable, it also protects you reliably from blood and body fluids.

Breathable with Climate System

In the Fire Eagle your foot can breathe, because a special foam system ensures that the air circulates in the shoe and moisture can escape. The Climate System works like an air conditioning system in a shoe.

Easy to take off thanks to the Easy Slip Out System

You can slip out of your Fire Eagle in seconds, because the special heel edge in the heel area allows you to get out easily and quickly. Easy to take off thanks to the Easy Slip Out System.

Precise fit thanks to special lasts

The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your Fire Eagle fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.

Your shoe from every angle

The hard facts

HAIX Fire Eagle

Article no. 507501

certified for orthopedic insoles
Climate System
Safety protectors
DIN EN ISO 15090
CE 0193 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI M AN CR SRC – Typ F2A
Height in cm:
23,0 cm
Upper material:
Electrically dissipative:
Cut protection class:
no cut protection
Safety classification:
Type F2A, Type HI3 - inside & outside firefighting
2 zone fast lacing
Weight per shoe:
Leather thickness:
2,0 - 2,2
Firefighter's boot height:
Design C

Your questions,
our honest answers

The Fire Eagle is the lightest of the four models. However, unlike the Fire Eagle Pro and Fire Hero 2, it does not have cut protection. The Fire Eagle's shaft height is also slightly lower than that of the Fire Eagle high and the Fire Hero 2. Furthermore, the Fire Eagle is made of a slightly thinner leather than the Fire Hero 2.

The lightweight classic, without cut protection.

Different insoles are available for Fire Eagle to increase or reduce the volume in the shoe. For this purpose, we have developed a slightly thicker insole for narrow feet and a slightly thinner insole for wider feet.

Our Vario-Wide-Fit-System allows you to adjust the volume in the shoe.

The Fire Eagle has been tested according to the standard DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191) and is therefore approved for orthopaedic insoles.

This allows the Fire Eagle to be adapted even more optimally to the foot and to support its anatomical structure.

The Fire Eagle meets all requirements of the S3 classification. The puncture-resistant sole and toe cap protect against external influences. However, as the shoe is certified according to the fire brigade standard DIN EN 15090, it cannot be designated as an S3 shoe.

The Fire Eagle meets the requirements, but is not S3 certified due to the fire brigade standard.

The Fire Eagle can be cared for quickly and easily. With black shoe polish, which does not impair the breathability of the leather, and a waterproofing agent, the shoe is ready for any weather. For this model, we especially recommend our black shoe polish, which contains Sun Reflect pigments. This minimises the heating of the shoe by 20%.

The uncomplicated care of the Fire Eagle ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the shoe's quality.

Thanks to Gore Crosstech, the Fire Eagle is not only waterproof, but also protects against the entry of blood and body fluids.

The Fire Eagle can be used in any work without any restriction.

The Fire Eagle can be used both indoors and outdoors. Certified according to the fire brigade standard DIN EN 15090, the Fire Eagle meets the highest safety requirements for fire fighting.

For all those who work indoors and outdoors under challenging conditions.

You can find all the right spare parts for our shoes on our spare parts page.

We produce in a UK shoe size system. The distance between our half UK sizes is only a few millimetres. This makes it more likely to find exactly the right shoe length.

Half UK sizes differ in length by only a few millimetres.

You can simply wash the dirty shoes with water and a brush. Please do not dry the wet shoes (even if they are wet on the inside) on an open fire, a hot stove or a heater. This will change the shape of the shoe. Simply remove the footbed and stuff the shoes with newspaper or use a shoe tree. Then allow the shoes to air dry slowly. We recommend washing the footbed regularly at 30°. In general, it is best to remove the footbed from the shoes after every wear to ensure optimal re-drying.

Simply clean it with a brush and water and let it air dry.

From experience, the Fire Eagle is a normal size. We therefore recommend that you choose the usual size.

Experience has shown that the shoe fits normally.

HAIX shoes are 100% Made in Europe. For us, this is not just lip service, but lived practice. When it says "Made in Europe" on a HAIX shoe, we assure you that it was made exclusively at our production sites in Mainburg and Mala Subotica, Croatia. Both plants are among the most modern shoe manufacturing facilities in the world.

By the way: "Made in Europe" is not only a promise of quality for us, but also stands for good working conditions, equal opportunities, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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